About us.

Gunnhilda was established in 1977 by Hans Arne and his son Ståle Skoge.

They bought a 38 feet Cygnus fishing wessel from Duncan Stockall in Ullapoll.
With this wessel they started fishing for prawn,crab and lobster.

A couple of years later the two younger sons joined the company.
The youngest son is for the time being at school taking his officer education.
Hopefully he will join the company as skipper on a new wessel.

In 2003 a factory was build for packing live and boiled products for export.
The factory is 400 square meters on two floors.

In February 2004 Gunnhilda signed a contract for building a "super crabber" M/S Teineskjær. One year later this wessel arrived at their homeport in Skogsvåg after being successfully build by the Northern Shipyard in Poland.The new wessel is designed for fishing and storing live shellfish.

Teineskjær has 3 times the capacity compared to the older wessel.

Today Gunnhilda has a factory for handling live , boiled and frozen products.
The family owned company has only 8 emploiers and has focused on high quality products rather than big quantaties.